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May 2017 newsletter

 Family of Hope House Church                                 May 2017

Are We Heading Toward Armageddon?

Among the few books we had in our family library at home was one on the 1912 sinking of the Titanic, billed as the greatest and most reliable ocean liner ever. I remember how horrified I was reading about the fate of all the people who wined and dined together in high style on that voyage, oblivious to the disaster that awaited them.
     In a similar way we may find ourselves lulled into believing that our national ship of state, the now aging republic known as the United States of America, will endure forever. We are promised it will not only manage to avoid any future decline or disaster (of the kind that all empires of the past have experienced) but will gain ever increasing greatness.
     Thus in spite of the fact that both scripture and history tell us differently, we continue to trust in our broken economic and political system as though there were no tomorrow, or that our every tomorrow will be just like the present.
     In his book "Rewilding the Way", Todd Wynward quotes from the Dark Mountain Project, a group of artists and writers who take a contrasting view of where things are headed: 

"Human civilization... is built on little more than belief: belief in the rightness of its values; belief in the strength of its system of law and order; belief in its currency; above all, perhaps, belief in its future. We live in an age in which familiar restraints are being kicked away, and foundations snatched from under us... A similar human story is being played out. It is the story of empire eroding from within us. It is the story of a people who believed, for a long time, that their actions did not have consequences. It is the story of how that people will cope with the crumbling of their own myths. It is our story."
                                                                                          - Harvey Yoder

Notes, prayers and praises 
  • RACHEL STOLTZFUS will be staying with her son and daughter-in-law here in our area May 3-12!
  • GUY VLASITS is doing some disaster relief work in North Carolina May 3-10.
  • FAMILY LIFE RESOURCE CENTER will have its 30th Anniversary Dinner at Park View Mennonite at 5:30 pm Saturday, May 6.
  • MAY BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS to Margie Vlastis 5/1, Alma Jean Yoder 5/15 and Karen Soich 5/20!
May lectionary readings

7    Acts 2:42-47  Psalm 23 1 Peter 2:19-25  John 10:1-10
14  Acts 7:55-60  Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16  1 Peter 2:2-10  John 14:1-14
21  Acts 17:22-31  Psalm 66:8-20  1 Peter 3:13-22  John 14:15-21
28  Acts 1:1-11  Psalm 47  Ephesians 1:15-23  Luke 24:44-53

May services, worship at 4, meal at 6

7 Location: Park Place, second floor meeting room                   564-3716
Worship and Sharing: Harvey Yoder 
Bible Study: James Stauffer                                Sandwich and fresh fruit meal                                                 

14 Location: Guy Vlasits 1260 Parkway Drive, H’burg             269-6706   
Worship and Sharing: Elly Nelson
Bible Study: Dick Dumas                                                      Carry-in meal
21 Location: Family Life Resource Center 273 Newman Ave   432-0531
Worship and Sharing: Harvey Yoder
Bible Study: Elly Nelson                                                Finger foods meal
28 Location: Lois Rivera-Wenger 204 Homes Lane, Staunton                                                                Worship and Sharing: Lois Rivera-Wenger                        502-663-3195         
Bible Study: Harvey Yoder                                            Picnic Meal

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