Monday, January 12, 2015

FOH annual business meeting 1/11/15

Family of Hope Business Meeting         
Guy and Margie Vlasits
January 11, 2015, 4 pm

Members present: Susan Campbell, Karla May, James Stauffer, Ruth Stauffer, Guy Vlasits, Margie Vlasits, Harvey Yoder, Karen Campbell, Cathy Atwell

1.       Congregational singing, followed by a reading and reflections on each of the lectionary texts for this Sunday.

2.       Last year's minutes were reviewed and approved.

3.       Susan Campbell gave a treasurer's report showing total giving income as $14,202.71 in 2014.

        a. Agreed that the $500 budget item for missionary funds be divided between the Van den essems, missionaries to Asia and the Bylers, Wycliffe Bible translators, for both this year and the past year.
         b. The $200 for educational scholarships will be given to former FOH’er Laura Gottfried who is serving with Vision for Asia this year, with plans to give Josiah Dumas $200 from that fund from next year’s budget if he enrolls at Va Tech.
         c. Encouraged host households to always have an offering basket on display at our Sunday gatherings.

4.       The 2015 giving plan was adopted, with a total giving goal of $18,000.

5.       Agreed to keep the current skeleton Leadership Team in place for now, with Susan Campbell continuing as treasurer and Dick Dumas and Harvey Yoder serving as the other members, even though most decisions have been made in the past year by the total membership or by phone or after church conversations.

6.       Adjournment.

Harvey Yoder, recording secretary

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