Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FOH Annual Business Meeting and Worship Service

To read Harvey Yoder'st post, "A Business Meeting For A Small Church" check the 1/13/14 Harvspot blog.

Family of Hope Business Meeting          
Guy and Margie Vlasits
January 12, 2014, 4 pm

Members present: Susan Campbell, Dick Dumas, Karla May, James Stauffer, Ruth Stauffer, Guy Vlasits, Margie Vlasits, Harvey Yoder, Alma Jean Yoder, David Weaver, Lois Rivera-Wenger, Josiah Dumas, Karen Campbell, Cathy Atwell, Karen Soich.

1.       Congregational singing, followed by Bible Study and prayer. Harvey Yoder led a study on Acts 10:34-43 and what it means to be a "missional" church and what might be a good "mission statement" (statement of purpose) for Family of Hope.

2.       Last year's minutes were reviewed and approved.

3.       Susan Campbell gave a treasurer's report showing an income of $15,736.87 in 2013.
        a. Agreed that $300.00 of our surplus funds be allocated to the Van denessems, missionaries to Asia, $500.00 to Open Doors (formerly HARTS thermal shelter) and $2000.00 for a scholarship fund for EMU's Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (as advocated by CJP's Daryl Byler). The latter fund is to be set up as a memorial educational scholarship in the name of Doyeon Ki, the 21-year-old Korean student at EMU who died in a traffic accident on January 1, 2014.
         b. An additional $500.00 is to be allocated to the Vlasits for the purchase of four 6-foot and four 8-foot folding tables for the Lodge.
         c. Susan was given approval to purchase new checks for the church's use with Susan's name and address imprinted on them.

4.       The 2014 giving plan was adopted, with a total giving goal of $18,000.

5.       Susan Campbell was nominated and approved to continue as FOH as Treasurer on the Leadership Team. Karen Soich will serve as secretary on a volunteer basis.

6.       The Lord's Supper was observed with a family style meal following the end of the business meeting.


Karen Soich, secretary (from notes by outgoing secretary Karla May)

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