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October 2013 newsletter

Family of Hope House Church                           October 2013

It Will Not Always Be As It Is Now

In his meditation in the July-August, 2013, issue of "Beside the Still Waters", James Baer tells about a Russian family he visited that had the words "It will not always be as it is now" written in large print on a placard on their dining room wall.
     It turns out that many years before the father had spent years in a Soviet prison for refusing to enlist in the army because of what he believed Jesus taught about violence. It was then that the mother had written these words and posted them as a sign of hope for herself and for her children, trusting that one day their father would return and things would be better.
     When the father was finally released and life greatly improved, some friends asked why she had not removed those words. Her reply was simply, "Because it's still true that 'It will not always be as it is now'."
     Just as people in distress need hope, those of us who are doing well need to learn from history that all nations, economies and cultures rise and fall. We could all face hardships in our lifetimes like those of people in Syria today and in many other trouble spots in the world, past and present. Or as with the following:
     • A major collapse of the worldwide economic system
     • Destruction of computer systems on which we have all become    
     extremely dependent
     • Major droughts and other weather events associated with climate       
     that could result in severe shortages of water and food
     • Massive assaults by terrorists or by nations with atomic and other
     Meanwhile, we need to have a heart that suffers with those already experiencing devastation and do everything possible to help them, just as we would have others do to us if we were in similar straits.
- Harvey Yoder

Notes, prayers and praises

* “A LIFE HEALED AND WHOLE” is the theme of our fall Bible study series on I and II Peter.
RACHEL STOLTZFUS is recovering well from her recent spinal surgery and appreciates our ongoing prayers and concerns. Contact her at 6516 Lone Oak Ct., Bethesda, MD 20817 (301-493-4470).
OCTOBER BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS to Elly Nelson 10/28, and a belated Happy Birthday to David Weaver 9/23!
MENNONITE RELIEF SALE will be at the Fairgrounds October 4-5.

October lectionary devotional readings

6   Habakkuk 1-2:4 Psalm 37:1-9   2 Timothy 1:1-14 Luke 17:5-10
13 Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7 Psalm 66:1-12  2 Timothy 2:8-15  Luke 17:11-19
20 Jeremiah 31:27-34 Psalm 121  2 Timothy 3:14-4:5  Luke 18:1-8 27
27 Joel 2:23-32  Psalm 65  2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18  Luke 18:9-14

October services (worship at 4, meal at 6)

6 Location: James & Ruth Stauffer 1250 Parkway Dr 22802   574-6141
Worship and Sharing: James Stauffer
I Peter 2:11-25 “This World is not Your Home”: Paul Swarr   
Carry-in Meal 

13 Location: Family Life Resource Center 723 Newman Ave.   432-0531
Worship and Sharing: Harvey Yoder
I Peter 3:1-12 “Beautiful, Everyday Love”: Harvey Yoder 
Finger Foods Meal

20 Location: Susan Campbell 1361 Lincolnshire Dr 22802       564-1524
Worship and Sharing: Susan Campbell
I Peter 3:13-4:6 “Blessed by Suffering” Dick Dumas         Carry-in Meal 

27 Location: Guy & Margie Vlasits 3448 Caverns Dr. K’town 908-0391
Worship and Sharing: Guy and Margie Vlasits                     
I Peter 4:7-19 “Living With the End in Mind” Elly Nelson 

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