Friday, July 8, 2011

Family of Hope Reunion update

A Family of Hope reunion/picnic is being planned for 12 noon Saturday, August 13, and 12:30 pm Sunday, August 14, at the Vlasits' Old Massanutten Lodge B & B near Keezletown. The Saturday event will begin with a cookout and include lots of sharing and visiting. The Sunday noon meeting will begin with a carry-in meal brought by current members, followed by a service of singing, sharing and worship. 
Free lodging is available for out of town guests. Please contact to add more names, for more information or to indicate you can attend.

Here's a partial list of past members and attendees over the past twenty years, with those who have already expressed an interest in attending (besides our local members, of course) in italics:

Armetsriter, Sue
Blackburn, Gail
Boardman, Lynn
Bontrager-Thomas, Sherry ??
Brainard, Kate
Czecholinski, Laurie and Ron
Detweiler, Wayne
Dumas, Cande, Josiah
Eliot, Kari
Gilmore, Sherry
Glunt, Mark and Donna  
Good, Dorothy, Ronnie and Jason
Gottfried, Eric and Rosella
Greenawalt, Ted and Kimberlee
Gullman, Dave and Debbie
Hairston, Will and Susie
Harrelson, Charles
Hinz, Fred and Rachel
Horton, Heather
Ivanitsky, Serge and Dora
Johnson, Bruce and Ann
Kanagy, David
Kreider, Barry and Erika
Kuepfer, Amy and Clayton
Lenker, Mark and Marie
Levesque, Trish
Martin, Bruce and Jewel
Matthews, Chris (formerly Sottolano)
Morlan, Becky
Moyers, John
Nafziger, Marj
Patterson, Audrey
Raboin, Peggy
Rossen, Judy
Sacra, Donna
See, Adela
Sottolano, Craig and Jenn
Weaver, Karen
Weaver, Shari
Webb. Ron
Westfall, Michael and Julie
Underwood, Donnie and Jeanine
Youman, Austin
Zimmerman, John and Ruth Ann

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